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Textile industry in surat  is concerned with the design and production of yarn, cloth, clothing, and their distribution. Since it is known for producing textiles, including silk, Surat is known as the textile hub of the nation or the Silk City of India. It is very famous for its cotton mills and Surat Zari Craft. Surat is the biggest centre of MMF (man-made fibre) in India. It has a total of 381 dyeing and printing mills and 41,100 powerloom units. There are over a hundred thousand units and mills in total. The overall annual turnover is around 5 billion rupees. There are over 800 cloth wholesalers in Surat. It is the largest manufacturer of clothes in India, and Surti dress material can be found in any state of India. Surat produces 9 million metres of fabric annually, which accounts for 60% of the total polyester cloth production in India. Now the city is focusing on increasing the exports of its textile.

 surat  Textile market

Surat Textile

Surat Textile

Surat is well known for its textile business. Surat Textile Industries are manly involved in the manufacturing and trading of synthetic textile products. Surat Textile manufactures several kinds of textile products but its chief products are Surat Sarees and Surat Dress Materials.


It is little known knowledge that about 30 million meters of raw fabric and 25 million metres of processed fabric are produced in Surat daily. Surat City has many textile markets which are involved in production and trading of textile products. And many more textile markets are being constructed every months. Some of important Textile markets are Millenium Market, Surat Textile market, New textile Markets and of course retail seller Bombay Market where thousands of peoples from all over India and across the world gather daily to purchase textile products from these markets. Several business man related to textile settled here in Surat in order to operate their business properly keeping links with business man at home.

Well knon companies from Surat Textile

Thouh there are many well known companies in Surat for its textile related products but it is little know that Garden and Vimal textiles speeded Surat from Surat. And of course if you ask name of Surat’s famous companies among women, they will say Parag and Prafful . Because these two companies are famous all over India for its Saree production.

bombay market Textile

 Consumer markets of Surat Textile.

Prime consumer markets of Surat Textile are India itself and several Asian countries and USA. You may be surprised to know that nearly 90% of polyester related textile products used in India are sent from surat. Since Polyster is considered good for skin and health many developed countries avoid from this.That is why international demand for its products is not very high. But Gulf countries are main export market for Surat’s textile products. Experts says that more and mopre effort towards quality improvement is required if Surat Textile markets want to spead its market world wide.

Driving force behind Surat Textile Market.

Question arises here why Surat Textile markets has been growing so rapidly as compared to othe industry in Surat.The chief reason behind growth of Surat’s textile industry is the city’s expertise to adapt latest changes that comes into new markets. Second most important force behind Surat Textile market’s growth is cheap labour. Thousands of peoples from Bihar, UP ,Jharkhand, Andhra Pradesh works here hardly for Rs 3000 per moths about 12 hors dayl. And there are severa business background entrepreneur who has expertise in the Textile market.

Future of Surat Textile market.

Growth of Surat Textile markets has been rapid. According to expert, in 5 year only Surat Textile production has grown 10% which is a remarkable growth in any industry. While its sister products , Surat Zari has recorded a marginal growth of around Rs. 30000 million over the same period.
Surat India online yellow pages from Suat, shopping Surat, provides information about Surat, Surat Textile, Surat Diamonds, Surat Sarees.This is the only website in Surat has largest business contact details.This website contains about 6000 business contact details of Surat.

Surat Textile

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Sura Saree

Surat saree is popular among Indian women and now taking its stride towards western fashionists also.Sarees are generally 5 yard unstitched clothes wrapped around body has been always a glory of Indian tradition. It is believed that Saree came Indian from Greece but if you ever have seen Goddes Durga or Goddees Sarasvati you must have seen them in sarees, and as everyone knows Hindu Religion is one of the oldest religion in the world. And Indian women still follow those traditions.

Now lets take a look into Surat Sarees world to know which kind of sarees are manufactured here.You may be be surprised to know that every 5 sarees of India is manufactured in Surat only. In another word we can say that 30% of sarees are manufactured in Surat only. And more than 500 small and big companies are involved in this saree manufacturing business.

Surat Sarees Ranging from 2000 to 50, 000, rupees these saris are a collector’s item and there is one to suit every one’s need, style and budget.


Apart from Silk and Synthetic clothes Surat is also known for its zari work. Zari is the fine and delicate thread made of silver or gold, which is used for embroidery. Saris embellished with exquisite works of ZARI, KINARI AND SALMA are gifted to women on their wedding day.

The Gorchola sarees are an integral par of any traditional Gujarati wedding trousseau


Surat is connected by all 3 means – Air, Rail and Road (and water too!) That can make it the fourth mode of connectivity to the city. Almost all the western cities of India are connected to Surat, mainly Mumbai and Ahmedabad. It is well-connected within the city as well. While the state has over 9000 buses running in the city as well as connecting the city to outside cities, Surat’s most preferred mode of transport is auto-rickshaw. Residents find it more convenient to commute by auto-rickshaws. The infrastructure is nicely shaping up in this city and India’s very few yet to begin multi-layered flyovers can be seen here in a few years from now. One can make out that in the diamond and textile zones, the elevated roads concept and flyovers are very beneficial to commuters. For example, the Varachcha Flyover is the longest flyover in India which is a four lane intra-city flyover and not a inter-city flyover.

Surat India

Surat India

Located beside Tapti river, Surat India has been selected by UN report as fastest growing city in the world. Besides Surat Diamonds and Surat Textile Surat India has many other kinds business which has been great help in progress of Surat India. Surat India is second largest city in Gujarat and 7th biggest city in India. Though times to time Surat has been facing many calamities Surat India has always grown stronger and stronger and have cultivated habits of facing natural calamities. Surat has faced earthquake in which the city lost lives and property. Surat has been badly hit by floods recently which almost crippled economy of the city. But just after one month if you see Surat city you would not even believe that this was the same city which was completely submerged in water.

Surat Sarees

Surat sarees  are one of the most popular items among  Surat ‘s popular Items. If you ask any women about Surat Sarees, they will instantly  talk about the sarees excitedly. Surat  has been major production center of Surat Sarees. Surat sarees are popular all over India and now  also making foray into western culture. Surat, Major production center of Sarees:- Surat is major production center of Sarees, every 5th sarees produced in India is from Surat. There are many bigger companies which are involved in production of sarees in Surat:– Parag sarees, Ajay Kunwar sarees are some of the major companies which are  catering fancy of the women  world as  in the form of  providing sarees of their likes.
Variety of Sarees available in Surat:-  One of the most important features of  Surat sarees is that you will tire  seeing Varity of sarees. Even you enter  smaller shops of Surat for saree buying, you can find there piles of sarees to chose from  of different colors and designs. Surat produces sarees ranging from poor women to elite women. Here in Surat you can see sarees starting from  Rs 75 to above 50,000.

Surat Sarees market:- Though India is major consumer markets of Sarees, but apart from India Bangladesh  is also a big market of sarees. And among all over India West Bengal is number one state where Surat  Sarees  is   worn.

Future of Surat  Sarees:- With new generation switching over  to  western culture. Sarees future looks blink, but many heroine of bollywood wearing  sarees as fashion many young wome even today use sarees as a fashion. So it does not seem that Surat saree is going to die  out, atleset in near future.

Opinion poll conducted by Surat College Students

Students of BRCM Colleges of Surat conducted an opnion poll on different subjects ranging  from Surat Traffic,quality of education in the city,Surat  pollution, how Surat police functions etc.. And  the result that was found was really startling and many new  facts came into light during this poll.

Opinion poll was conducted by  450 student and involved a total of 700 man hours.

An event was organized to give details of this poll by BRCM College. “It was an attempt by the student as part of their studies and they managed to get a few interesting facts about the city. Such studies can help to understand the city better,” says Vipul Vyas, of BRCM.

In total , 1,100 people’s opinions were collated through a questionnaire. On traffic and parking sense of people in the city, 40 per cent of respondents opined that it is poor, 19 per cent believed that it is the worst, 28 per cent that it is average and only 12 per cent believe it is good.

The major part of respondents was in opinion that the functioning of the police and people’s security is average .44 per cent opined that the functioning of police is average, is 28 per cent believed that it is good and 20 per cent thought the functioning is poor.

The startling results were on Surti’s  approach to post mortem organ  donation, 54 percent people didn’t wish to donate, 28 percent were willing to donate their eyes and 18th  percent were ready to donate their body.

As far as awareness  of pollution  is concerned due to Diwali 81 percent respondents agreed, 14 percent did not and 5percent   refused to comment. Similarly categorizing kite flying as un safe for people and birds, 70 percent   people  believed it as a threat to people and birds both , 17 percent didn’t agree and 13 percent refused to comment.

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